Small, intimate and friendly

smiling resident at community event

Today I spent time with a group of planners, designers and forward thinking individuals discussing the design of a new building for elder care. Our group focused on The Green House model and all of the positive implications for quality of life it provides. Every detail of this model has been studied and now over 200 Green House-style elder care facilities have been built across the nation. Our guide, a Green House Project leader shared that the two components of direct light and line of site have emerged as the key elements of a successful Green House design. Living with nine other elders in a home, with a private bedroom and bath, has proven that small can be better….the outcomes of lower usage of medications, higher resident and family satisfaction and employees who want to participate in making life meaningful for them and the elders are all documented outcomes. Take a look at the web site and more importantly take a look at bringing a Green House to your neighborhood.