The GreenHouse Model

The physical environment of a Green House home is designed to transform the institutional nursing facility into a residential environment that is home to ten Elders. Each home is reflective of those in the surrounding community and is characterized by elements that are “warm, smart, and green”. A warm home is a welcoming place of comfort, safety and refuge. The interior materials, colors, and furnishings project a sense of warmth for those living and working in the home. The Elders’ private bedrooms allow ample sunlight and are clustered around a shared living room with a hearth, an open kitchen and dining area. Smart technology is used in The Green House model, to create a comfortable and safe environment. As opposed to technology that focuses on staff and organizational efficiency, smart technology is used to foster the well-being of Elders and those who work with Elders. A green environment refers to one which supports growth through meaningful interactions with life enhancing natural resources, such as plants, natural light, and therapeutic outdoor spaces

We will offer:

  • Private rooms
  • Three meals a day with choices about what you eat
  • Assistance with bathing and personal hygiene
  • Toiletries
  • Certified and licensed nursing staff to monitor your progress and help manage medications
  • Recreational programs
  • Transportation
  • Medicaid, Medicare and private long-term care insurance accepted
  • 24 Hour Nursing Staff
  • Rehabilitation services provide by physical, occupational and speech therapists
  • Private/Secure Patios & Gardens